Hello, I am happy to greet you in my web site!

My name is Natalia Tokareva, I am an owner of the cattery of the Exotic cats UNISTAR . My cattery  is registered in the CFA system. Our close-knit family lives in the beautiful city, the capital of Russia - Moscow. We are a small cattery of the Exotic cats. We do love our cats, and treat them as the family members. Our cats are very pettable, kind, friendly, and playful. The target of our cattery is to get the Exotic cats of the modern type. We are very serious regarding health and management of our pets.

We pay a lot of attention to the show career of our animals. Participating cat shows is our family hobby, and we enjoy it a lot. Our breeding programme is based on the lines of the best breederies of the Exotic and Persian cats, such as PURFURVID, PARTI WAI EX, PSYMIS, PYRAMPEPE, STEEPLECHASE, CHRISHANNA'S, D'Eden Lover

I do hope you will like both my site and my pets. And you will enjoy visiting our web site so many times again.





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